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Coarsed Coral Prostate Massager

Coarsed Coral Prostate Massager ($30) A very simple prostate massager that has a few surprising tricks up its 7 inch sleeve! At just $30, this massager has a powerful vibrating bullet.  Not only that, but the bullet has 10 different vibration patterns for your prostate region to enjoy. The shaft has several ridges for added […]


Prostimulator ($9) Probably the cheapest prostate massager on the market, the Prostimulator is also a prostate vibrator, controlled by a  huge remote control with variable speed. If you’re strapped for cash, this might be a cheap route into the world of prostate fun.  If you have a little more cash to spend, I’d concentrate on […]

Sinclair Verve Prostate Massager Review

Sinclair Verve ($22) A very cheap but well-designed prostate massager from Topco.  Not only is the Sinclair Verve a sleek and curvacious massager designed especially for comfort and stimulation, it also comes with a multi-speed vibrating motor inside.  The finely angled tip will deliver a sensational buzz to your prostate zone.  It’s almost impossible not […]

Mangasm Alpha

Mangasm Alpha ($54.99) The Mangasm Alpha is the perfect prostate massager for newcomers to the world of prostate fun!  Its elegant and smooth curves have been especially designed to exert delicious, yet moderate pressure upon the prostate area.  This popular prostate toy is made from a unique material called ‘Pleasure Grip’, which makes it very easy […]