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Rocks Off 7 Function O-Boy Beginners Vibrating Prostate Massager

Rocks Off 7 ($59) The Rocks Off Prostate Massager has been specially designed for beginners. Small and unintimidating, this prostate toy still packs a punch with a 7 function bullet vibrator. Easily insertable, the slim, flexible, curved shaft offers non-intimidating, precise stimulation. A good choice of prostate massager for first time anal sex toy users.

Dr Joel Kaplan Universal Silicone Prostate Massager

Dr Joel Kaplan Massager ($19) This simple and ergonomic silicone prostate massager is perferct for beginners. Its sleek and tapered head is easy and unntimidating to insert, while its bulbed head applies gentle pleasure to your prostate. Made from hypoallergenic silicone, the prostate toy is also waterproof.

Velvet Mini Vibrating Prostate Massager

Velvet Prostate Toy ($47) Uniquely designed new entry in the prostate massager market that specifically caters for men new to such delights.  This is a strikingly contoured toy that feels silky smooth to the touch and which makes an ideal introduction to the world of proste fun.  Soft and gentle vibrations will penetrate straight to […]

Mangasm Flux

Mangasm Flux ($48) The Mangasm Flux is a gentle and simple to use prostate massager, as well as being one of the cheaper ‘brand name’ prostate toys on the market.  This makes it ideal for a beginner to anal and prostate sex toys. Although the Mangasm Flux looks primarily like an anal beads toy, the […]

Mangasm Alpha

Mangasm Alpha ($54.99) The Mangasm Alpha is the perfect prostate massager for newcomers to the world of prostate fun!  Its elegant and smooth curves have been especially designed to exert delicious, yet moderate pressure upon the prostate area.  This popular prostate toy is made from a unique material called ‘Pleasure Grip’, which makes it very easy […]