The Prosty Prostate Vibrator

the prostyThe Prosty ($27)

The Prosty is an excellent choice for first time users of prostate vibrators.  Yes, it has a powerful 5 speed vibrator that will satisfy even hardened prostate toy fans, yet the shape and design is definately unintimidating for first time users.  It also has a stopper at the end to ensure that you won’t insert the Prosty too far in!

Put away your fears and enjoy the amazing world of prostate sex fun with the Prosty!

Aneros Helix Syn

helix synHelix Syn ($73)

The Aneros Helix Syn is a new prostate massager that takes luxury and decadence to the next level.

Thanks to its premium grade velvety silicone body, the Helix Syn feels better than any prostate massager before it.  Aneros have made the fit of the original Helix massager even more comfortable and solid, whilst maintaining the award winning design that provides an unrivalled ability to erotically stimulate the male g-spot.

This latest massager from Aneros is sure to excite all fans of prostate toys, and certain to satisfy both beginners and advanced users alike.

Nexus Stilo Luxury Prostate Massager

stilo massagerStilo Luxury Massager ($292)

The Nexus Stilo is one of the rare handful of luxury premium male sex toys that can claim to be possibly the best prostate massager in the world.

The elegance of the design is obvious, from the easy to grip handle to the softly contoured body.

This luxurious expertly designed prostate toy is made entirely from the most premium pure stainless steel.

Waterproof and easy to heat up or cool down.

Comes in a luxury gentleman’s gift box.



Mangasm Rush Prostate Massager

mangasm rushMangasm Rush ($56)

The Mangasm Rush has been designed for those seeking an intense prostate massage.  The thick angled,  flexible head will deliver the most satisfying of sensations to even the most experienced of prostate toy users.  Beginners may find it intimidating, but more seasoned sex toy fans will delight in the unique design and feel of this first rate massager.

The clever design of the Mangasm Rush results in 3 different pleasure points that are flexible enough to provide both ease of insertion and endless variety.

One of the most intriguing and innovative of the exciting Mangasm prostate massager range.

Coarsed Coral Prostate Massager

coral massagerCoarsed Coral Prostate Massager ($30)

A very simple prostate massager that has a few surprising tricks up its 7 inch sleeve!

At just $30, this massager has a powerful vibrating bullet.  Not only that, but the bullet has 10 different vibration patterns for your prostate region to enjoy.

The shaft has several ridges for added stimulation.

It’s also waterproof, so why not take it into the bath with you?  Good value for the price!

Big Boy Red Prostate Massager

big boy redBig Boy Red Prostate Massager ($62)

This is a new and improved version of the original and highly popular Big Boy Prostate Massager from Rocks Off.  It certainly is a big boy in the world of prostate toys – this is for men who can handle size down in their most sensitive spots!

The size of the toy has the advantage of making it easily capable of hands free stimulation.  The massager is 100% waterproof for fun in the shower or bath tub, and has the kind of powerful vibrations that a toy of this build would suggest.

Made from soft and flexible silicone, the Big Boy red will provide hands free stimulation to both your prostate and perineum.


Mangasm Buzz Prostate Massager

Mangasm BuzzMangasm Buzz ($62)

The Buzz is the latest prostate massager added to the immensely popular Mangasm range.  The Buzz is their most powerful prostate vibrator to date, with no less than 5 vibration settings.

Made from high grade silicone, the Mangasm Buzz is shaped rather differently from others in the range, and has been designed specifically to provide the most intense prostate stimulation possible – aided, of course, by the powerful bullet vibrator contained within it’s body.

Customers have been reporting the most intense orgasms that they have ever experienced when using this thing.

Falcon Vibrating Prostate Massager

Falcon ProflexFalcon Vibrating Prostate Massager ($43.99)

An exciting new vibrating prostate massager that comes in at less than $50 and yet has quality stamped all over it.  The novel design of the Falcon will allow both the male P-Spot and the area around the perineum to be stimulated by the smooth contours of the toy and the internal bullet vibrator.

The body of the Falcon is smooth and flexible and the round head is easily insertable, making this one of the best choices for those new to prostate vibration.

Progasm Black Ice Review

Progasm IceProgasm Black Ice ($47)

The Progasm Black Ice is the newest prostate massager from Aneros.  This one has certainly caught our eye.  This is a unique prostate toy that has been designed to look and feel like a glass sex toy, but as it is actually made from a specially prepared form of plastic, you can be sure that it is 100% unbreakable.

Although the Programs Ice will appeal to prostate toy enthusiasts who are a little bit (irrationally) frightened of glass toys breaking on them, it’s not really a beginners anal toy.  It’s a little bit too thick in the mid section for that, as well as having a very impressively sized bulbous head.  In fact, it is apparently the largest Aneros to date.

Despite being on the deliciously large side the Ice is surprisingly lightweight and hence very portable and easy in the hand to play around with.  Another interesting feature of the Ice is that each one is unique due to air bubbles being inserted in each at the manufacturing stage.

Reception to the Progasm Ice amongst customers has been excellent.  One experienced anal toy reviewer commented that the orgasm he obtained from the toy was the best he had ever had and that it had actually caused him to pass out!  Again, not the best first time buy, but for intermediate and advanced anal toy users, this has definitely already become one of the most highly rated and recommended prostate massagers.



prostimulatorProstimulator ($9)

Probably the cheapest prostate massager on the market, the Prostimulator is also a prostate vibrator, controlled by a  huge remote control with variable speed.

If you’re strapped for cash, this might be a cheap route into the world of prostate fun.  If you have a little more cash to spend, I’d concentrate on purchasing a better quality prostate massager.  Although this toy might represent value for money at such a low price, you always get what you pay for, and particularly for a first time prostate toy user, it’s important to have a good initial experience, and you’re probably better off with a non-vibrating massager at first anyway.

Apart from the cheap materials, the biggest problem with the Prostimulator is the huge and unwieldy remote control, attached to the massager itself with a very short lead, something that obviously makes using this toy a little cumbersome.

So whilst spending $9 on this is hardly a gamble, this is really a bargain basement massager compared to some of the other toys listed here.